Cantux Research is a small research and development company, focusing on systemic software and hardware design. Areas of expertise include GUI and embedded software, signal processing, electronics and hardware, embedded systems, motion control, audio, and music.

Michael Shonle


CTO and Founder

Michael Shonle has a broad and varied background and extensive experience in a wide variety of software and hardware engineering areas.  He holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the California Institute of Technology, where he specialized in signal processing and computer hardware and software, and has more recently studied Mathematical Modeling at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Michael has worked in such diverse areas as 2-dimensional signal processing for a high-resolution film scanner company as well as on a cutting-edge HTML/XML Custom Web Development and Server System.  His experience ranges from interfacing with high-performance highly integrated media processing chips and includes working with custom sound synthesizer ASICs at the legendary Kurzweil Music Systems Research and Development Institute.

In addition, Mr. Shonle is the brains behind the Paramount ME Robotic Telescope Mount, the system that has found more supernovae than anything else looking skyward.