Frequently Asked Questions

How is it different than other wind controllers / synthesizers?

  • The eCorder specifically targets recorder players

  • Ultra-fast breath response

  • Built-in Physical-modelling synthesizer -- no other hardware or software needed.

  • Ultra-low latency -- sub-millisecond for the on-board synthesizer.

  • Analog Control-Voltage (CV) outputs

  • Flexible MIDI and signal routing.

  • Conveniently lighter and smaller size is easier to transport and play.


What about using with other synthesizers?

It has standard MIDI and USB MIDI outputs, so it will work with any hardware or software synthesizer.

What about Analog Synthesizers?

The MIDI port can be configured to output four analog CV’s instead, so can be used with analog synthesizers as well.

What about other controllers?

The ZaeroDyne synthesizer is also available as a Mac/Windows soft-synth plug-in, so it can work with a wide variety of controllers, including the EWI-USB, the Roli(r) Seaboard. It’s designed to work with continuous breath input, though, so controllers that generate a continuous stream like the Roli will work better.

How is it different from other "electric" recorders?

Other "electric" recorders are actually Electro-acoustic recorders, which  are basically just recorders with microphones attached. Therefore, they always make an acoustic sound, and always at the physical pitch, so e.g. even if you pitch-shifted it down to contra-bass, you would still here the acoustic sound at the standard pitch as well. Also, it always makes a sound, so practicing silently is not possible. Also, it does not output MIDI or CV's for use with alternate synthesizers.

Does it have a speaker? 

No, but it has a line / headphone output that can be used with headphones or a portable speaker or plugged into a sound system.